Emerging Media. Wait. What is Emerging Media?

What exactly is “emerging media”?
From what I have been able to ascertain from some of my reading, emerging media is any type of innovative communication means that resides within digital technology and tries to get consumers to interact in some manner. These interactions can be merely the sharing of ideas and communicating with other users. There are various forms of emerging media including mobile, digital TV, blogs, social media, podcasts and interactive web pages.


Should we be part of every emerging media that comes to existence?
The simple answer here is “no”. It would be impossible to be part of each and every emerging media platform. As a consumer, you can’t possibly be part of every emerging media. The same rings true for a business as well. We must find what works best for us, as marketers, and what platforms our customers are utilizing. Then, resources can be allocated to focusing on those most important emerging media platforms.


Why Emerging Media Matters…
Emerging media plays a role in all of our lives. I would even venture to guess that it plays a role every single day in our lives as consumers and marketers alike. Even my 80-year old grandmother is not excluded from emerging media on a daily basis. Here is a snapshot of how emerging media plays a role in just 60 seconds on the internet!


Perhaps this video can paint a better picture about emerging media and get us all hyped to learn more.

In the next couple of weeks, in this blog, we’ll explore different emerging media and how it affects daily life. Stay tuned and we’ll learn about emerging media together!



In 60 Seconds…


5 thoughts on “Emerging Media. Wait. What is Emerging Media?

  1. Great first post! As a millennial, I have probably tried as hard as anyone to refute your point that we should not try and be a part of every emerging media that comes into existence, given that I try out many new apps, social platforms, and technologies on a frequent (if not daily) basis. It is, as you rightly say, just impossible to keep up with anything and everything that would qualify as emerging media, however. With technology rapidly advancing and new media being created daily, it is inevitable that many will slip through the cracks. Even of the “major” players (taking a loose meaning of that word that simply describes any platform of which one has simply HEARD of it), it can be hard to keep up with every, single media.

    Therefore, I love your point that we, as marketers, need to find platforms that not only house our target audiences, but also that fit our messaging and personality styles. Is it easy, but mostly true, to say every brand needs a Facebook account? Sure…but not every brand belongs on a site like Reddit, for example. In fact, messing up there (and certain other corners of the Internet) can lead to a very poor reputation among audiences the brand is trying to woo.

    I look forward to reading the rest of your posts!

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  2. (I apologize if you get multiple comment attempts from me)

    Great first post! I really like the points you made regarding not being able to get involved with everything that would qualify as emerging media. As a fan of technology, I routinely check out new apps, social media platforms, and technologies, in general, but technology advances at such a rapid pace, that many of these end up getting lost in the shuffle. Even when only considering apps and platforms that I have merely heard referenced once before, it is impossible to keep up with each and every one.

    Therefore, I love your point about how it is important for us as marketers to avoid falling into a trap of trying to be everywhere at once, and instead focus on the platforms that fit our messages and personalities. Is it easy and mostly true to suggest every brand needs a Facebook account? Probably. However, not nearly every brand belongs on Reddit (and similar platforms), and in many cases, messing up in those corners of the Internet can be far more detrimental to the brand and lead to bad reputation.

    I look forward to continuing reading your blog! – John

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    1. Thank you for the kind words, John. I’m glad we are in agreement in terms of being/not being on every single app or platform that comes into existence.

      I think that a lot of times, unless they are a big company with an endless wallet, some companies don’t put the resources into figuring out which platforms will work best with the messages they are trying to convey. Figuring out which platforms best suit your business and marketing needs is an integral first step in entering the digital realm.


  3. Hello Heather,

    I agree with your point that we do not need to be a part of every aspect of emerging media, but it almost seems like it is an automatic thing nowadays. I say that for two reasons; the first being the fact that we sometimes may not choose to be a part of the evolution of digital marketing and communications, it chooses us. My parents are in their sixties and neither of them have social media accounts or even use the Internet, but I can Google their names and learn their race, age, associations, place of employment, and even home address. It is scary what you can find on the Internet today. I don’t think privacy exists anymore. For my second point, what do you notice when you buy a cell phone or other mobile device? They come pre-loaded with social media applications and emerging means of allowing marketers to learn more about the person using that device. Facebook has perfected the ability to learn almost everything about its users. For years, people, including myself, associated the “Would you like to log in using Facebook” option that is available every time you attempt to access something with convenience. We saw it as a convenient way to access that information, without needing to create a new account. However, we failed to realize that the system was collecting information regarding our likes and dislikes.

    These are exciting times in which we live as it relates to emerging media and the digital marketing and communications landscape continues to change daily with the introduction of new technology. Let’s see where this ride takes us.



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