Should My Business Put Resources Into Developing an APP?

We are all part of the smartphone and tablet craze! As a matter of fact, a Pew Research Center survey discovered that 68% of adults own a smartphone, while 45% own a tablet. Along with those smartphones comes standard apps as well as millions more that can be downloaded. Often the apps you download are from some of your favorite brands and offer great content, tips, games, and sales or promotion information.

But, should every company invest in developing a mobile application?

The simple answer is… MAYBE. There are a plethora of pros and cons that need to be considered when entering the world of app development. One thing to think about is, who are your target audience? Do they utilize mobile applications? If so, what do they utilize said apps for?

Another consideration is the cost. Costs for app development can be astronomical. Big brands have been known to spend upwards of $3-$5 million on app creation. That number is just for the first year of development. Subsequent years would require additional monetary contributions for upkeep that could be $20,000+ depending on what needs changed or modified. And we all know how fast technology changes.

An alternative to a mobile app would be a responsive mobile website. Again, with a mobile website comes pros and cons. Consider these factors about a mobile website, it’s cheaper, still fast, there is no need to get approval to be on an app store, and maintenance would be easier.

These points only briefly touch on if a business should develop a mobile app or not. They could, however, be a starting point and a push in one direction or another.





One thought on “Should My Business Put Resources Into Developing an APP?

  1. Hi Heather!

    I recently attended a lecture here at WVU about Mobile Apps for businesses. One of the surprising things I discovered during that lecture is that developing an app is not only expensive, but can cost $100-200 per hour. I also heard that Pokémon Go, which was insanely popular, has lost a fair amount of users after its initial launch:

    Apps come and go, I guess. What do you think?


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