Wearable Technology

In today’s digital world there are not many aspects of life in which we are not connected in some manner. We are connected right down to the clothes we wear on a daily basis. Wearable devices can track nearly everything and anything. They track the biometrics of an athlete’s physical activity, sleep, exposure to sunlight and even the extent of a blow to the head inside a football helmet. Their versatility and portability appeal to consumers and healthcare providers alike. Even our pets are tethered to the digital realm with GPS collars that would help us find them should they wander from home. Is this wearable technology a detriment to society or is being connected aiding in living a better, more efficient existence?

In my opinion, the technology that we are connected to is helpful and even plays a part in keeping us healthy as it can detect abnormal activity in our bodies and let us know where we need to improve performance. Some examples of wearable technology include FitBit, Apple iWatch and various other watches, Google Glasses, connected shoes, shirts and pants.


With all of this connectedness and the positive gains it provides, what are the negative aspects of wearable technology? Does it outweigh the positive attributes that wearable technology provides?




Image retrieved from https://people.rit.edu/sml2565/iimproject/wearables/index.html


One thought on “Wearable Technology

  1. Hi Heather,

    Great article about wearable technology! I find some of the items listed one of those things that I’ll likely never do. Google Glass, for instance. I know I would get a little obsessed with the use of it; I am very easily distracted. Having something that could surf the Internet in front of my eyes all the time would be too much of a temptation.

    The one negative aspect I could see from all of this is the constant data and distraction. How long before it becomes just one more piece of clutter in an already overwhelming world?


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