Hello. Thank you for visiting my blog about emerging media. My name is Heather. I have been involved in the advertising industry for 15 years in one capacity or another.

I achieved my undergraduate degree in Graphic Design from Pennsylvania College of Technology. I love everything about graphic design. I especially love how all the parts come together and the final project comes to fruition.

In my time working at an advertising agency, in the creative department, I have found myself yearning to know more about the realm of advertising, besides just pumping out collateral materials for clients. How do clients know which media to run in, how do they know which type of media to run in and are they targeting the right consumer for their particular products or services? These are all questions that I’d like to help clients realize. This is why I decided to pursue a master’s degree. I am wrapping up my master’s degree in December from West Virginia University (WVU). I have been enrolled in the Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) program since last August and it has been a whirl-wind, to say the least.

Combining the two disciplines of Graphic Design and Integrated Marketing Communications can only make me more of an asset to my clients and help them on their way to company growth and earned additional market share.

I welcome any comments or questions you may have. Don’t hesitate┬áto contact me with any opportunities in which you or your company may need freelance marketing consultation or graphic design services.

Please feel free to browse this blog about emerging media insights.





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