Emerging Media. Wait. What is Emerging Media?

What exactly is “emerging media”?
From what I have been able to ascertain from some of my reading, emerging media is any type of innovative communication means that resides within digital technology and tries to get consumers to interact in some manner. These interactions can be merely the sharing of ideas and communicating with other users. There are various forms of emerging media including mobile, digital TV, blogs, social media, podcasts and interactive web pages.

Should we be part of every emerging media that comes to existence?
The simple answer here is “no”. It would be impossible to be part of each and every emerging media platform. As a consumer, you can’t possibly be part of every emerging media. The same rings true for a business as well. We must find what works best for us, as marketers, and what platforms our customers are utilizing. Then, resources can be allocated to focusing on those most important emerging media platforms.

Why Emerging Media Matters…
Emerging media plays a role in all of our lives. I would even venture to guess that it plays a role every single day in our lives as consumers and marketers alike. Even my 80-year old grandmother is not excluded from emerging media on a daily basis. Here is a snapshot of how emerging media plays a role in just 60 seconds on the internet!


Perhaps this video can paint a better picture about emerging media and get us all hyped to learn more.

In the next couple of weeks, in this blog, we’ll explore different emerging media and how it affects daily life. Stay tuned and we’ll learn about emerging media together!

In 60 Seconds…


2 thoughts on “Emerging Media Blog

  1. Great graphic on what happens in 60 seconds on the internet. It is quite interesting and I have never seen all of these medias related to one another this way. This graphic really helps to illustrate that we cannot be on every media outlet out there. Rather businesses should invest in media outlets that make sense for them. If businesses know what types of media their consumers are using they can target their efforts to the outlets that will give the best return.

    I also found this video that helps illustrate your graphic:

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  2. Companies and organizations understand the impact that their own personal influence could have in their marketing campaign and has adopted internal programs to encourage greater involvement of employees. Since 2013, company advocacy programs have increased by 191%, according to a recent study by Altimeter Group. Now, employees prove to be the best ambassadors of a brand or a company.


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